@crumble Thanks for the info.

I've subsequently acquired the Particle Boron LTE boards which can actually accomplish my live streaming requirement over LTE with MQTT - and they are way lower power usage than Pycom boards, and it only takes 12 seconds to connect to the network, and it's cheaper. Currently looks like I'll be switching to Particle because of the LTE deficiencies with Pycom, unfortunately. The Cortex M4 power consumption situation (down to 17ma/5V WHILE connected to LTE, idle, zero sleep modes active) blows the Pycom ESP-32 out of the water anyways.

Yes, ESP32 is at 240Hz and the Particle Boron is 64Hz. But I will never in a million years need beyond even 24Mhz, and Pycom doesn't give me a way to underclock and match the current consumption.

Kind of frustrating/suprising that I can accomplish my task by radio-ing to a cell-tower and back with Particle, but with Pycom short-range LoRa, no-can-do.