@jcaron The ESP32 data sheet https://www.espressif.com/sites/default/files/documentation/esp32_datasheet_en.pdf says high level source current IOH is 20 or 40 mA, depending on domain. The voltage will probably be quite noisy as it comes from the digital supply of the ESP32. The HX711 is a 24 bit sigma delta front end for load cells. For optimal performance, I'd power this from a separate regulator, but try it... If you look at the data sheet
you see it has an internal analog regulator. Running from a 3.3 V supply, I'd set the analog voltage to 3.0 V, which would at least reduce the noise.
Also note that the IO driver of the ESP32 (or any digital device) has a much higher resistance than an external FET switch you'd typically use (there are no specs on this in the datasheet), introducing additional errors.